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Autoparts Ltd has been working in dismantling business in Europe and USA for more than 10 years. We buy and dismantle for parts to export about 3000-5000 vehicles per year.
Autoparts sells used car parts in Belarus and has 29 major wholesale clients in Russia and Kazakhstan

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How many cars, vans or 4x4s for dismantling could you offer us per month?


Our average price paid per car is taken for calculation purposes only. The amount can differ.




Our buying power depends on various conditions, such as yard and accommodation arrangements, fees and other expenses involved in setting up and running the dismantling operation. Have a look what cars we have purchased during the last 6 months.

Autoparts Ltd

SINCE 1994

Reliable Partner

It is a straight forward process to increase your volume of export sales working with us.

Our company was founded in 1994. We have been working in dismantling business and in the business of used car parts sales for over 22 years now. We were the first company in Belarus who developed the idea of a wholesale model for our business, where vehicles were bought from suppliers in Europe as dismantled parts sets. Our company now have a wide customer base coupled to well-developed supply and distribution chains, providing a steady demand for different vehicle models (cars, vans and 4x4s) for our business partners around the world.

We have been working with more than 20 businesses dealing in used vehicle parts sales from various countries such as the UK, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, USA, Japan and Lithuania. We have tried and tested operating procedures satisfying all specific requirements and conditions of each country we work with, and we still have a goal to grow our supplier and customer network further.

This is not a small operation; we have sold more than 15,000 engines in Belarus alone, and more than 50,000 vehicles (dismantled as parts sets) in cities across Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan. Annually our company dismantles about 5000 vehicles. Our professional technicians test every engine and gearbox before removal from vehicles we buy. We use our own transport for delivering parts we dismantle from cars we buy.

We have a wide customer base and well-developed retail chain in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan so to provide a steady demand for different car makes and models for our existing and new business partners. Modern logistics make it possible to deliver all goods in specified time frames and our team of professionals always looking for innovative solutions in our existing business model to develop a sustainable future for us and our business partners.

Mutually beneficial

We have a vast experience in organising business cooperation with our suppliers in Europe, USA, and Japan


UK Operation Director in Autoparts Ltd is Vladimir Boltach.

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Autoparts Ltd

SINCE 1994

High quality business

We have respect for promises

IT is an easy choice to start working with Autoparts Ltd and increase your export sales almost instantly as we can work almost independently and take most of the responsibility.

How do we work:


We will help YOU to organise dismantling operation(we currently work with 6 car dismantling companies in Europe).


We buy vehicles from YOU which we break for parts and pay on time as per our agreement.


Our technicians dismantle all parts from vehicles we buy and load the parts onto the lorry independently.


We SAVE YOUR TIME and take care of processing all the required export documents ourselves.

How to begin a cooperation with us and grow your export sales?


Autoparts Ltd presentation which includes sections explaining how we work; in what countries; what are the required work conditions; our purchases for the last 6 months; buying and dismantling process; loading procedure with photos.


Assessing premises for setting up a dismantling operation with 1 or 2 ramps (or a place for their installation). A place for storing dismantled parts for a full lorry load and for loading a truck. Alternatively assessing a possibility to arrange a delivery of purchased cars and parts to premises of our business partners in the countries where we have existing operations. We will send you a list of cars with prices purchased by us during the last 6 months.


Discussing various possibilities to buy more cars for dismantling from auctions situated nearby, from private individuals in the area and insurance companies. Making a decision on who is to take responsibility of dismantling all vehicles we buy with you: our professional technicians or your staff. Calculating the total amount of expenses we will have to pay when running a dismantling operation such as rent, delivery of cars to the yard, accommodation for our mechanics (if we decide ours are to dismantle), packaging costs, delivery from your yard to Minsk and others.


Checking your asking prices for cars you offer us. One of our company representatives can come to have a detail discussion regarding an organisation of dismantling operation at your premises. When all details are agreed and finalized we will sign an agreement and agree to payment terms.


We start dismantling after 20-25 cars are bought by us (enough to load a full curtainsider lorry load of parts) or 13-15 cars (when parts are loaded in a container).

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